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Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a daughter that is a black belt, 6 months ago she lost her way, she is now back on track thanks to TKD and your story.

Thanks for the honesty it helps show others that change is possible.

Feb 11, 2011
You've turned the corner
by: David Fiscus


That's quite a journey. I am happy to see you have righted your ship and are on the correct course now. I have had several cross roads in my life, and didn't always choose the best path. But the important thing was I continued to try, and eventually I too got my bearings. As a fellow 300 pound guy, I can tell you that Taekwondo has helped me shed 56 pounds in 22 months, and I won the Houston power breaking championship. I am proud of you for you tournament win, but even prouder of the change you have made in your life. Always continue to pursue the path you are on now, you will find other students looking at you with respect and admiration. They will look to you as an example of how to conduct themselves, and that will be the best way to honor your past and present masters.

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