How could taekwondo help You with developing self esteem?

On this page we explain how developing self esteem improves your life.

And we describe how taekwondo training can give your self esteem a boost.

Why is high self esteem important for You?

Developing self esteem is important. Because it makes you feel good!

Think about this.

Have you ever walked through a crowd of people and not wanted to change your life with any of them?

Not even the wealthy ones?


Do you ever feel 100% happy just to be alive and breathing the air and want nothing more?

Have you ever felt like you can achieve anything? Anything you want?

When your self esteem is high you have feelings like these a lot of the time!

You are happy with simple things like walking on the beach or chatting to friends.

You smile as you walk down the street.

You don't want to swap your life with anyone else. You are happy right now, exactly as you are!

Having high self esteem makes you a positive person. And the great thing about being a positive person is that you are happy most of the time.

And that happiness shows.

And it spreads to people around you.

And when people around you feel happier they spread happiness to people they meet. And so it goes on. Spreading out like ripples on a pond

All Good....

....As our taekwondo instructor often says!

How can taekwondo training help you with developing self esteem?


Taekwondo training gives you a fit, healthy body that feels good and looks good. This helps you feel good about yourself.

And it's not an act. You genuinely have a deep inner confidence and happiness.

You have high self esteem.

And it shows!

Taekwondo doesn't just improve your body.

You constantly test your mind in martial arts as you learn complicated moves

And it's tough

Very tough!

You have to force yourself to keep going when you want to quit.

Keep going when your muscles are screaming at you to stop.

Keep going when your chest is aching from exertion.

Keep going when your body has gone to jelly and you think you can't give any more.

Keep going when you're scared.


As you force yourself to keep going through these challenges.

Your mind gets stronger

>and stronger

and stronger!

So taekwondo training helps you to become strong in mind and body.

Which helps you in developing self esteem.

And the cushion of positive thinking and a strong mind helps so much when the bad stuff hits you. Which it does in everyone's life.

If you are at the bottom of a trough with low self esteem it's hard to get through the bad times. But....

If you're up high sitting on a cushion of self esteem you can cope better. Maybe your cushion deflates a bit.

But you're less likely to hit rock bottom.

No-one can give you self esteem

Did you know that no-one can give you self esteem?

You have to earn it. You have to seek it and you have to want it.

You have to be prepared to put in hard work to get it.

Developing self esteem is not easy!

You have a head start if you come from a great family who boosted your self esteem as a child. But a tough childhood doesn't prevent you from developing self esteem if you want it enough.

For parents. It's worth knowing that to help your kids develop self esteem. You need to have high self esteem yourself!

And self esteem in children is important. It helps kids to do well at school and take on new challenges.

People with high self esteem are less likely to get involved in drug abuse, crime and other behaviors which could ruin their lives.

Also did you know you have to look after your self esteem?

Without tending and care a beautiful garden can become overgrown with weeds within a year or two.

Your Self Esteem is like that.

If you stop doing the things that give you high self esteem it will disappear as magically as it appeared.

So how do you go about developing self esteem?


....It's complicated and there is no formula that will work 100% for every person....


....We can tell you that taekwondo has helped in boosting self esteem for all 3 of us.

We are 100% sure of that!

Our advice?


Keep Kicking!

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