Danger Awareness

by Nathan Corliss
(St. Louis, MO)

This isn't a story of how martial arts has changed my life, but wanted to use this forum for important messages. In our area, we have had several child abduction and rape attempts. Our school has been focusing on specific techniques to come home alive. We also teach techniques to limit the amount of violence escalation. We don't want a rape to turn into a murder. Although we don't want to teach fear of our young students, we want them to always be aware of their surroundings and how to escape. The instructors have been teaching the reality of, "even though you know techniques, an attacker may be physically stronger. Don't worry about a perfect chamber, worry about running away."

As much information as we can get out to others to sit down with the kids and reinforce this, the better.

Linda's reply
Thank you Nathan. I'm so sad to hear that your area is dealing with abduction and predators. That's an unfortunate reality and unnecessary that our children and parents have to be concerned with such things. I commend you for bringing awareness and tools to the community and children to combat this danger. Awareness is key - awareness of situations, awareness of ones own ability, awareness of where your children are and who they are with, etc. I've taught 100's of girls scouts and high school girls in America and Australia. The stories I hear after a presentation is what keeps me going. Keep up the good work!

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Oct 02, 2012
by: Nathan Corliss

Just to clarify, I am but a student with my son at these martial arts schools. All credit goes to our great instructors who truly care about our well being.

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