Crescent Kicks for Beginners

Crescent kicks feel great to execute.

Once you get it right, it's a powerful unexpected kick to your opponent.

The other benefit is the stretch your hips get delivering it! Always make sure you're warmed up before executing this kick to avoid injury.

There are two different crescent kicks in Taekwondo - the inside crescent and the outside crescent.

The Inside Crescent Kick

inside crescent kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo
inside crescent kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

The inside crescent kick is also referred to as the outside to in crescent kick...

... and that's exactly how you execute it.

The inside crescent kick starts with the rear leg.

So if you're in a right leg back guard stance you're right leg will be doing the technique.

First you will lift your rear leg with a straight knee and make a half moon shape up across your body at head level landing past your front foot.

Imagine yourself drawing the half moon shape with your whole foot as wide as possible.

As your drawing the crescent, your standing foot should pivot about 45 degrees in the same direction as your kick and you're standing leg slight bent.

So, if you're using your right rear leg, your standing foot will pivot to the left as you cross in front of your body to the left.

Do you best to maintain good posture and balance. If you lose your balance, make a smaller crescent shape.

What are you kicking with?

crescent kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

The foot position here is important.

Depending on your situation and what you're using the kick for will depend on what part of the foot you're using.

The three parts of your foot that can be used are:

* Heel

* Ball

* Inside Blade (the side of your foot from heel to ball)

To use the correct part of you're foot you must flex your ankle!

In practice with floppy pads you may notice that a kicker will have a more relaxed ankle and make contact with their toes.

You don't want to be in the practice of using toes in a real sparring situation as you could get hurt.

The Outside Crescent Kick

outside crescent kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo
outside crescent kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

This outside crescent kick is also called the inside to out crescent kick.

Its similar to the inside crescent kick except it goes the opposite direction.

The other difference is the kicking foot starts and ends in the same spot when practicing.

Everything else is the same.

So remember, you...

  • Kick with the rear leg
  • Have a straight knee
  • Kick at head level
  • Draw a half moon shape in front of you with your whole foot

Foot Position Outside Crescent Kick

Your ankle should still be flexed and toes pointed up just like the inside crescent kick.

Also keep your standing leg slightly bent and your standing foot will pivot with your body through the kick.

As you begin your kick your standing foot will pivot slightly in the direction you're lifting.

As you cross your body with the kick, your body will pivot to the other side of the body.

Typically you use two parts of your foot here...

The heel or outside blade (the bony part of your foot from heel to just below the little toe).

Flexibility is so important to get the height you need on both crescent kicks. Make sure you're warmed up and stretched before practicing.

Head here for stretches to prepare you for crescent kicks

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