Could I be any more proud?

by Tiago Costa

Hi everyone!

Today I'm not posting about the things about the inner journey of Taekwondo practicing. Today's post is all about my girlfriend Ana.

That's her on the picture. As you can see, she is a white belt. That picture was taken in a tournament that took place in June. While I got back to practicing again, she started fresh. In that tournament Ana had to perform Taeguk Il Chang in three different rings, before three judges in each.

She had been practicing Taeguk Il chang for nearly a month for that tournament, starting from the zero, as any white belt. Ana got out there and did her best, no one could hold anything against her, because there were few white belts there, and all of our school.

Because she is 25, she was competing against adult people with green, blue and red belts and she was the only white belt in her category. It was a very tiring day and after a while we were sitting in the stands watching our friends compete and nearly dozing off, the P.A. called out for Ana, she got the third place in her category.

There she went to receive her medal and we saw that the others in the podium were two red belts. Everyone was very impressed with a white belt getting a third place, even our master. As for me, I couldn't be any more proud if she got first. She always gives it her best despite many difficulties related to her health which affect her training. Nonetheless, she did her best and came out a real winner.

This also made me think that belts were made to hold pants up, and that the true worth of a martial artist is in the balance between his/hers body, mind, heart and soul. Ana taught everyone a little humility and how it is a crucial thing to the practice of martial arts.

I just want to say again that I am couldn't be more proud of her and I hope she forgives me for putting this picture but it's the only one I have of her in her dobok.

Peace be within your warrior soul.


Deb's Reply

Hi Tiago Thanks for telling us about Ana - she sounds like someone with heaps of strong spirit - this will help her in her journey.

Good for you for training together - it will strengthen your relationship.

Thanks again Deb :-)

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Aug 18, 2010
Great Work Ana!
by: Chip

Great work a new white belt I know how you must have felt as I am a white belt preparing for my first tournament Oct 2nd 2010.

I hope I do as well as are an inspiration!

Chip Gall
Woodstock Taekwondo
Woodstock Ont. Canada

Aug 16, 2010
Great Job
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to tell Ana great job for getting out there and competing in her first tournament.

It shows a lot of character and drive to just get out there in front of people.

No matter how the results ended up, she should be very proud of the outcome.

Doug Spencer
1st Dan

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