Concentration through Taekwondo

by Caleb Gaines
(Clarkesville, GA USA)

Concentration through Taekwondo

Concentration through Taekwondo

This photo was taken in the kids taekwondo class at the local YMCA.

I've been looking for a chance to get some good photos on the older youths in the class. Upon seeing two of the higher belts going through Dan-Gun with such concentration really impressed me.

What strikes me the most about this photo is that the young boy in the foreground hadn't been too serious that evening, but then in an instant he just got his focus and did extremely well.

Deb's reply:

Thanks Caleb for submitting this great photo. You have captured this boy's deep focus perfectly.

It amazes me too how good taekwondo instructors get even quite young kids to switch on their brains and learn really complicated moves.

You photo illustrates this much better than any words can.

Thanks again!

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Nov 09, 2009
Great Photo!

Great photo- concentration is the right title!

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