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After ten years of track and field and eight years of training shotokan karate (1kyu), I simultaneously started taekwondo a year ago to improve my kicking.

I have done probably everything wrong when I started eight years ago. I have also been training with weights and first five year's with weights I solely wanted power, but soon realized that more the muscles more slow u become. I still train with some weights but more for stamina, yet some portion to have power.

This training exercise is nowadays a routine I depend on and know that it's efficient!! One of the most important points in this text is yet the following; variation!

The human body has over 700 muscles so to balance your control u need, variation. I take hints from all sorts of martial arts, learn from it all, because they have all something in common; man, with two feet and two arms!

So back to issue..
In outdoor training I jog normally with occassional sprints ( for about 100mtrs.) Repeat the sprints about 4-6 times on a normal 10-15km jog.

Then for variety I put on a weight vest and all the ankle weight's and climb up sand-dunes/-eskers, and do squats and kicking exercises both fast and slow motion, for a period of 45-90minutes.

With all ankle, wrist -weights, and the 12kg vest on I carry a total weight of 105kgs(27+78) when my own weight is 78kgs/177cm.

These programs are not for beginners, more of an idea for someone thats been training about five years and needs a new boost! This has been my routine for the last two years when my training started to stand still..

The combined training/ semi-advanced 1:

(gear;knee support's,ankle weights x2, wrist weights x1, punching bag, skip rope)

Indoor training/outdoor training,

warm up-skip rope (great and easy way to get warm safely yet strenghtens ligaments and muscles)


use of punching bag yet on ground; jump from side to side..

rapid knee lift/tuck jump's/rapid ankle lifts.Do 30s./2min intervall two series..

Punching bag..(Put wrist weights on and ankle weights onto both ankles and second pair onto lower knee joint, use knee support for comfort.)

sparring only boxing, but use good footwork.deliver precicion and power ex. kisamizuki, oizuki for 2min

sparring only mawashigeri/dollyo chagi remember both legs! 1min(remember u have weights on, I use 2+2kg's/leg

sparring only maegeri/ap chagi 1 min

sparring only yokogeri/yop chagi 1 min

sparring only ushirog./dwit chagi 1 min

stand in ready position and lift leg forward keeping it straight, keep 25% speed, work it! Then to side, and back.Two series 10.

Remove all weights..

sparring only dollyo/ap/yop/dwit for 1 min full speed

same kicks but do slow motion aprox. 5 per kick( to say u master a kick your'e gonna be able to do it sloooowly now mather jodan or gedan-height)

3-4 abdominal training;oblique crunch, basic crunch, toe touches, leg pushes. Own pace two series..

the plank with hand-lift, plus push-ups between.. 2 series..

And the...

5 minute free sparring with bag, use speed, power and timing so u will last all five minute's without stopping!

Shower, do not strecht instantly after training! your muscles are packed with blood and can take damage. shower first and take at least 20minutes to start streching. Relax while streching, it must be done in a slow pace!

L.E. Finland

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Sep 22, 2011
Good points
by: David Fiscus

L.E. thanks for sharing your training methonds with us. One very excellent point you make was regarding power. I am a very big man, and stronger than most, but very early in my training a 2nd Dan in TKD talked to me about power. Mass X Acceleration = Force (M X A = F). a person that weighs 150 pounds can strike as hard as a 300 pound person, if they strike twice as fast. So in my training, I concentrate much more on becoming quicker and faster than becoming stronger, and I have seen my power increase as a result. So when I now help younger smaller students, I emphasize speed. For speed is the great equalizer.

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