Chung's martial arts college

by Frank

Where I take Taekwondo the belt system is

White,High White
Yellow,High Yellow
Orange,High Orange
Green,High Green
Purple,High Purple
Blue,High Blue
Brown,High Brown

Red then Black, Sir/Ma'am.

I am currently a High Blue belt.

I cannot choose what I have enjoyed the most from my martial arts, I have enjoyed all of it.

The hardest part of my training is testing for a new rank, I'm usally the only one of my rank so I have 30 people watching only me, with Grand Master and 4 other masters judging me on my forms, one step sparring, kicks, breaking, power, the list goes on.

I've bitten through my lip because of the stress of testing, i've stopped chewing on my lip now because of that.

Deb's Reply

Hi Frank

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us.

Belt testing can be really stressful but it sounds to me like you are rising to the challenge and not letting your fear stand in the way of your goal.

Good for you - you will experience huge personal growth as a result.

Thanks for sharing your taekwondo belt system with us

Deb :-)

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