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Apr 20, 2010
We should all be so fortunate
by: Tiago

Thank you very much Michael. It seems like we are fortunate enough to be in such schools. Competing when one is not ready may end up into very serious injuries. But what makes it all worth it and better, is when we have such teachers who care for the students and inspire each of them on being all they can be.

I do know of some violent Taekwondo schools and I find them an embarrassment. Can you imagine being at a demonstration before dozens of people, where you fail to break the board and your teacher breaks it in your head? Its awful.

Fortunately the schools I read about in here always have good masters and a good environment. Maybe because those good schools and masters make their students more passionate and effusive about the "path", and to care enough to share their experience and learn more and more about it.

Apr 19, 2010
Choosing Tae Kwon Do
by: Michael

Thanks for the great post. I recently started studying Tae Kwon Do with my children (8 and 6 years old). The school is owned by a 9th Dan grand master and mostly taught by a 5th dan instructor. The school has an excellent reputation and, after watching them teach their childrens classes, I was impressed with the head instructor's patience, concern and willingness to tailor his teaching to each student, especially with the kids.

Our do jhang is a bit different than most in that we use "free sparring" as a teaching technique. One and three-step sparring is fine for teaching and understanding new techniques. The real world isn't scripted though and free sparring allows us to use and see our art in a more realistic scenario. That is priceless experience.

Our do jhang isn't based on competition. Our grand master requires you to get express permission from him prior to joining any competition. Other masters/teachers in our area know that our grand master requires this and they will repeatedly ask if you have his permission to participate. He will only give permission if he knows you're ready. He's protecting everyone involved. I am so grateful to have a grand master that cares so much about his students and his school.

Again, thank you for an excellent article. It's wonderful to see that there are still people out there that understand what the arts are really about.


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