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What are the benefits of taekwondo for children?

First up taekwondo is hard physical exercise. Exercise is really important for kids. It helps keeps their bodies healthy and strong. And lets them blow off steam.

Tkd is also mental exercise for kids.

Children in taekwondo have to memorize complex sequences of moves. Through training they learn to concentrate for extended periods. And this focus often extends out into other parts of their life. Parents often notice school work improving once kids start training.

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Through taekwondo sparring, kids learn to face confrontation.

Kids often find this tough - our daughter certainly did.

However, knowing that you can cope with confrontation is great.

It leads to increased self confidence and self esteem.

These are great qualities which help your kids get the most out of life.

Taekwondo for young kids is especially good. They get all these benefits early in life and set good habits for their futures. Usually 5 is the minimum age to start training.

For more detail about the benefits of taekwondo for children head here.

What does childrens taekwondo involve?

  • Exercise- running, jumping, pushups, sit-ups... This gets your kid fit and strong.
  • Stretching. Children start out supple. Taekwondo keeps them that way. And if you are flexible you are much less likely to get injuries in sport.
  • Kicking and punching. Your kid will learn some powerful kicks and punches. It's great to know your kid can defend herself.
  • Taekwondo Patterns. Sequences of moves your child has to learn and perform. Great for building concentration and focus.
  • Taekwondo sparring. A lesson in coping with confrontation and overcoming fear.
  • Belt tests. A test of your child's taekwondo skills. But also a lesson in performing in front of a panel and coming through exams.
  • Board breaking. A test of childrens taekwondo skills. But also their determination. Very empowering!
  • A code of conduct. Taekwondo has a set of values or tenants. Kids learn that values like respect and courtesy are important. They learn to be self disciplined. And they develop a strong spirit.

IF you think taekwondo is right for your child here's some tips for choosing between taekwondo schools.

An outstanding taekwondo child

This video shows Jorn Tumrongwit doing Poomse Koryo. Koryo is the pattern you need to learn to pass your first black belt grading.

Want to guess how old Jorn is?...

Answer - 7!

This level of skill is exceptional for a 7 year old. (Don't expect your kids to be this good).

We caught up with Jorn's family to find out more about him.

Where are you from?

Bangkok, Thailand

How long has Jorn been training?

Two and a half years. He's now 1st Poome. (This means Jorn is a junior black ).

What competitions has Jorn entered? How has he done in them? the age of 5 1/2 year...Jorn won Bronze Medal at Siam Taekwondo Championships 2008.(Green Belt) poomse.
2nd ... Silver Medal from Poomse and Silver Medal from Sparring at 1st Thonburi Championships 2008(Blue Belt)Poomse.
3rd....His very first Gold from The 7th UTCC Championships 2008(Blue Belt) Poomse.
4th....Gold Medal Poomse from Power P Championships 2008(Blue Belt) Poomse.
5th.....Jorn was ranked 11th of Thailand Champion U19 Division Brown Belt the age of 6 he had to compete against 20 others athletes age around 14-19.
6th.....Gold Medal poomse from HRH Princess Somsaowalee Championships 2008(Brown Belt)Poomse.
7th .....Silver Medal Poomse from RDC Championships 2008 (Brown Belt) Poomse.
8th.....4th Creative Poomse Team at Siam Paragon Taekwondo Martial Arts 2009.
9th....Gold Medal Poomse from U10 Red Belt Division and Gold Medal Poomse from U10 Black Belt Division at Coach Shin Invitation Friendly Championships(Red Belt) poomse.
10th....Gold Medal Poomse from U10 Red Belt Division and Gold Medal Poomse from U10 Black Belt Division....including Best Poomse Athlete of the Championships at 1st GMF Taekwondo Championships.(Red Belt)Poomse.
11th....Gold Medal Poomse from U10 Red Belt Division and Best Poomse Athlete of the Championships at 2nd Thonburi Open 2009.(Red Belt)Poomse.

What does he love most about taekwondo?

Jorn loves poomse the most. He can not only remember all of the forms up to Ilyeo, but also can perform them at competition standard too.

Has he got any tips for other taekwondo children to help them learn their patterns?

Practise. Practise every day. If you want to be a champion work on it. If you work as hard as a champion and a little bit harder, then you'll certainly be able to beat the champion!

Childrens taekwondo certainly looks to be a great thing for Jorn!

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