Chang Lee's Tae Kwon Do of Keller

by Jeremy Berg
(Keller, TX,USA)

Glen Croft (Owner / Master Instructor)

Glen Croft (Owner / Master Instructor)

My 5 year old son and I have been going to Chang Lee's Tae Kwon Do of Keller for a while now.

I’m 32 and about to get my yellow belt, and I am on my way to being the best shape in my life. Master Croft is always available to help both my son and I.

Master Croft holds his students to the highest standard in TKD. All of the black belts in the class are always more than happy to help out and everyone is extremely patient. We are pushed but yet we have fun.

I do not really like going to the gyms, however the dojang feels more like a second home where you feel more like family. I highly recommend Chang Lee’s of Keller. By the way I’ve lost almost 50 pounds and still going, and my son and I are closer than ever.

Deb's Reply:

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for telling us about your martial arts school - it sounds like a great place to train. I love to hear about clubs where junior grades are nurtured and cared for by the Master and Senior Grades. Sounds like you've chosen well. Good luck with your training and let us know how you and your son get on.

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