by Carlos
(Edmonton Alberta)

Would I still retain my taekwondo belt if i moved to a different country ?? I was a brown belt(high).

Linda's reply
Hi Carlos.
Great question. I always tell students that they earned their current belt by practicing/testing so you deserve to wear it proudly. However, in your situation with moving, every student can have a different experience with changing dojangs. I moved from the US to Australia about 5 years ago and I was able to keep my same belt. I did have to retest for my existing school's belt but I appreciate that I was kept to the same standard/syllabus as the other students.

May I ask where are you moving too - is it in North America or overseas? That will make difference too if there is a language/cultural barrier. If you find a school near you I would suggest asking the teacher if you could observe the class first. Then, if it looks like a place you would enjoy training, ask the instructor what their policy would be for you training at your current belt level.

More likely than not, you will be able to train in your current belt. Since you are a high brown belt, keep in mind you will need to be as sharp as the senior belts standing next to you:) Your new instructor may do an assessment with you to ascertain where you fit in with their syllabus.

You will actually be a stronger martial artist having to go through a process that requires you to adapt to another dojang's practice. Consider it a gift even though it may feel a bit awkward in the beginning.

Good luck and keep us posted on your journey!

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