How could taekwondo help You with building self confidence?

This page explains how being more confident can benefit you.

And we describe how we find taekwondo helps us with building self confidence.

Could your self confidence do with a boost?

Can you walk up to a stranger at a party and make conversation?

Or how about standing up at a wedding and doing a speech?

And how do you walk down the street?

Do you walk tall?

With confident strides?

Or are your shoulders hunched. And your steps hesitant?

Do you look up to someone?

And wish you were more confident.

Deb recalls a moment like this early in her taekwondo training days.

...I remember it was one of my very first training sessions. When it was all new. And I was very nervous. A guest black belt came from another club to present a prize to one of our star students.

And as she stood at the front of the class. I couldn't help but notice her presence.

She was a delicate, petite lady. Only around 5 foot in height. But there was something about her. Something that made her much larger that her tiny stature.

As she presented the prize the thing that struck me was her incredible calm, self assured manner. Not cocky. Not flamboyant. Just a peaceful, calm confidence. She was brimming with it. It radiated from her. It was a life changing moment for me....

....'That is exactly how I want to be.' I thought....

Does taekwondo help with building self confidence because you learn how to defend yourself?

Our answer to this is surprisingly....


Not really

Why not?

Well of course it's nice to know that you can look after yourself.

And that your daughter can too.

But actually we don't spend all our time worrying about being attacked.

After all the vast majority of people in the world are nice.

So if it's not just through learning to defend yourself.

How does taekwondo training help build your self confidence?


....self confidence comes when you feel good about yourself.

When you feel fit and well.

When you concentrate on the things you do well.

When you are proud of your achievements.

When you spend time with positive people.

Who encourage you.

And focus on the good things about you.

And for us training in taekwondo brings us all of these things.

How else does taekwondo help with building self confidence?

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A fellow student described to us how one element of taekwondo helped her with building self confidence.

...Amazing self confidence came from breaking my first board. It was at our first grading. I was exhausted. It had been physically and mentally draining. I felt I had nothing left to give.

And then our instructor held out a board. 'Break it with a front kick' she said. 'Really?' I thought. 'Me?'

Deep breath out.

'OK' I thought 'All I can do is do my best.'

The board looked as thick as a brick.

'Just do your normal technique and trust yourself.' I said to myself. 'Believe in yourself. See your foot going right through it. Relax and kick.' I relaxed. And kicked. Boom! The board lay in bits on the ground. Wow! I did that! Wow!

What a confidence boost!

Teaching other taekwondo students can be very good for building self confidence.

building self confidence breaking,benefits of taekwondo,taekwondo

When you help a new student learn a low block. Or a front kick. Or taegeuk Il Jang.

You think.


I've made progress!

I didn't used to even be able to do that. And now I can teach it!

What a confidence boost!

Another way of building self confidence is facing up to your fears.

Standing firm when you feel terrified.

Like when you stand up in front of the class and perform a pattern.

Or when you put sparring gear on for the first time and face a real life opponent.

Who is trying to kick you.

And you're terrified.

And you want to run.

But you don't run.

Or even turn your back.

You stand tall.

And stay in the ring.

And fight.

And even if you lose.

Or come out bruised.

You feel more confident.

Because.... found the strength to do it!

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