Brandt's TaeKwonDo Association

by BJ Jalowiec
(Fosston, MN)

Hello from northern MN!

At my TaeKwonDo Dojang we use 2 different belt rankings. One for Juniors (less than 12yrs usually) and one for ages 12 and up.

The Junior rankings go in half steps, for example: White, Orange stripe, Orange,Yellow stripe, Yellow, etc. For the "adults" the full color is used, i.e.; White, Orange, Yellow, etc. until Purple belt is reached. Then the half step (stripes) system is used.
So a purple belt would go to Purple stripe, Brown, Brown get the idea.

My martial arts journey has been years in the making. I first started with Jujitsu at age 12. I also have low rank belts in Shotokan, Kenpo, and now, at age 40, I am currently a Green belt in TKD. I have my 6yr old son to thank for getting me back into things. We saw a Demo from the area TKD school (which I had studied through in college), and he asked "Dad, can we do that!?". So for the last 6mos we have been training in the Family class together.

It has been such a joy watching him grow with the guidance that TKD offers, not to mention the benefits I enjoy physically, spiritually, and mentally. Who would've guessed I could still kick that high at 40!

Deb's Reply

Hey great to hear from you and thanks for letting us know about your taekwondo belt system. It's so interesting how many different systems there are!

Well done for joining your son with training - it's fantastic to train with your kids - you grow together and enjoy the benefits of stronger family bonds.

Happy kicking

Deb :)

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Aug 15, 2011
by: Sharon W.

I am so glad that I'm back at TKD!. It's fulfilling for me, and gives me energy that carries over into my every day life.

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