by Kato Isaac
(Kampala, Uganda)

A good taekwondo black belt never stops training. Training does not make perfect for the black belt but perfect practice makes perfect for the black belts.

Black belt is not the physical belt one is wearing but what kind of material someone is producing so the level of perfection makes a black belt

Black belt is being knowledgeable of the entire sport of Taekwondo.

Deb's Reply

Hi Kato

I agree with everything you have said - you make it clear that the journey never ends. As one master told me - it's like they add an extension to the ladder once you reach black belt.

Great to hear from you and great to see the photos of you in Uganda - we really love reaching people all over the globe.


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Oct 14, 2011
Black belt and Red belt
by: Markbura Juma

Training has to be part of your life.though your out taekwando school,the more you the more you discover new strikes and techniques,one with a red belt and continuously keep on training can be better than that with a one dan black belt and stopped training.

Oct 06, 2010
by: David Fiscus


One when I was in our locker room someone asked a 2nd degree black belt what was his goal, referring to what level of black belt. The man replied that his goal was to learn, and to improve himself and the level of his art...the belt is a result of his training, not the goal of it. I liked that answer, and have adopted that philosphy. I think this fits well with your comments, and I agree with what you said.

Oct 06, 2010
by: kevin kreckel

thank you!
this should be everyone's knowledge
that you wear your blackbelt on the inside
it isn't what you wear but what your made of that
makes you a black belt!
perfect practice = perfect technique!

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