Black belt material

by Tiago

Hi everyone. To tell you the truth, up until today, the only black belts I meet were all masters. The only student that turned black belt that I practiced with, is now the chief instructor at my academy, and the best black belt that I have ever met.

One thing that I have noticed is that one doesn't turn black belt. You become one long before you wear it. That is what I call black belt material.

Talking with my instructor the other day, he told me that if the most graduated student at our school trained at any other school, he would already be a black belt. He pushes himself and the others harder, he teaches when the instructor is away. But there, the instructor says that it will take him time to reach black belt. But he has the respect of every student, because he's wise and cares about them, despite being young.

It's something that is great to see, and it is very inspirational. And when I look back I realize that my master was like that when he and I were both students of another master.

I think that Taekwondo helps you grow. And when you tread along the path carefully, you are bound on becoming a champion of life. There is a lot more to life than martial arts, and person who is black belt material doesn't need to be the most successful person ever, but lives in the same way that he/she practices Taekwondo: will give it all he/she has, every ounce of energy in the body, and will try their best.

That is just one of the wonderful things we can learn from black belts. There is plenty more, but I leave it to you to find out.

Peace be within your warrior soul.


Deb's Reply

Thanks Tiago for a great contribution.

You mention success. I always think this is an interesting one. Success in today's world might be measured by the size of your house or bank balance but is that real success?

I'm much more impressed by someone who toughs it out through a long training and becomes a great black belt in martial arts. And if, as you say, that person lives by the way or 'Do' of taekwondo they will have all the success they ever need.

Thanks again Tiago


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