Big Roundhouse

by David Fiscus
(Houston, Tx, USA)

My favorite kick by far is the roundhouse.

Spinning is tough for a guy my age and size (340 pounds). Though I can manage to do other kicks, the roundhouse is my best.

On April 15th 2010 I attained what our school calls Hi-Brown belt. In a couple other blogs on this site I have mentioned that one thing I had going for me was brute strength.

This especially true in my legs. From childhood to age 35 I participated in most the major sports in the USA. So when I cock my right leg, and pivot on my left, then let the roundhouse hits with devastating impact, and a sound that turns heads in the dojang. It also gives me tremendous satisfaction (LOL).

In our dojang, we use free standing Century Wave bags, with sand in the base. They weigh about 270 pounds. Every roundhouse I throw knocks the bag completely over so that it ends up lying on the floor sideways. Master Choi pointed out that I don't really have to kick as hard as I can every time, and that if I miss, or get blocked I might end up off balance and open to a counter attack....which of course makes a lot of sense.

But it has left a lasting impression on my younger classmates...more than one of them has come up to me and told me that they never, ever, want to get kicked by me...heh heh heh. I gave me a good feeling, that I had their respect.

Deb's Reply

Hi David

A powerful kick on a bag is a great feeling for me too. I think it's what hooked me on taekwondo in the first place.

Thanks for sharing more of your journey with us.


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