What could be the benefits of taekwondo for You?

Are the benefits of taekwondo worth all that effort?

After all why bother?

Isn't it easier to sit on the sofa and watch TV in the evenings?

On this page we tell you about how taekwondo benefits us.

As a family and as individuals.

Every single day of our lives.

We discuss the physical benefits of tkd. And taekwondo fitness.

And we explain how taekwondo can build your self esteem. And boost your self confidence.

physical benefits of taekwondo

Benefits Of Taekwondo Fitness

The benefits of taekwondo to us as a family have been profound physically, mentally and socially. Taekwondo has helped us in ways we could never have imagined at the outset.

For us the physical benefits of tkd training were obvious within a few months.

'You all look well' friends kept saying.

'Are you using new skin products?'

'Have you lost weight?'

But....we weren't just looking good, we were feeling good!

Deb describes walking to work one morning a month or two after she started training

'.......I remember feeling much taller than before , my shoulders were light like the sky was lifting them up. My steps were springy. It was great! I was grinning like I'd won the lottery!......'

What could be the physical benefits of tkd for you?

taekwondo fitness is fantastic!

Do you find exercise tough?

Do you plan to get fitter?

Do you start off enthusiastic? Join a gym or start classes? Then find it a real struggle to motivate yourself. Even though you know you should?

We were the same.

We found the gym boring. And never got there quite as often as we meant to!

Leah, our daughter, started taekwondo training. We watched her classes.

They looked fun.

So one day we joined in a adult class and gave taekwondo a try.

It was fun.

Great fun.

One of the benefits of taekwondo is that we have never enjoyed exercise so much!

Yes we were still out of puff. And sweaty.

But we were enjoying ourselves!

And now we are fitter than we have ever been!

We have taekwondo fitness!

Find out here why taekwondo fitness is so great!

the challenge of taekwondo stretching

Neil Touching His Toes

Can you touch your toes?

When we started taekwondo training Neil couldn't.

In fact, he was about as flexible as an ironing board!

One of the benefits of taekwondo training is improved flexibility. Stretching is an integral part of every training session. We have found taekwondo stretching tough but the results are great.

And....now we can all touch our toes!

Taekwondo stretching. Are you up for the challenge?

taekwondo builds core strength

Do you have strong core muscles?

Do you know why core strength is important?

Put simply, your core muscles are important muscles that support your back, shoulders and pelvis. Good core strength leads to good posture (standing and sitting tall and upright). And helps to prevent and control back problems.

One of the benefits of taekwondo is that it strengthens your core muscles.

And here's some ideas for core strengthening exercises with a taekwondo twist.

taekwondo can help with building self confidence

Do you feel confident?

Would you like to be more confident in yourself?

Many sports are wonderful for improving fitness and physical strength and that's great but....

Does your sport help you with building self confidence?

Taekwondo does this for us.

From the very early days of training, we had to stand up in front of that class and perform a pattern or a few moves.

Neil remembers feeling sick with nerves and almost shaking, terrified that his mind would go blank.

Sometimes it did.

Sometimes it still does and he forgets the pattern.

We all do.

But the nurturing environment of our classes allowed our self confidence to build slowly but surely.

Week by week.

Training session by training session.

Having self confidence is a great thing in life.

And if you train as a family it's lovely to stand back and watch self confidence grow in your child!

Could your self confidence do with a boost? Find out how taekwondo could help.

developing self esteem

What about self-esteem?

What do you think of yourself as a person?

Do you like yourself?

We have found that one of the surprise benefits of taekwondo is that we have come to like ourselves more.

Why is that good?

Well if you think good things about yourself you are likely to think good things about other people.

And about the world around you.

And you are good to be around.

The positive energy you give off spreads out to those around you. Like ripples on a pond.

And that's good for everyone.

Looking good, feeling good and gaining mental strength help you to think good things about yourself.

Great benefits of taekwondo!

How could taekwondo help to boost your self esteem?

our taekwondo community

Do you like to exercise alone?

Or do you prefer team sports?

We used to exercise at the gym sometimes.

But after 2 years of going to the same gym. We hardly knew a soul.

It was a huge contrast when we started training in taekwondo.

The sense of community was clear to us from the very first class.

Everyone came up and shook hands with us and made us welcome. And they meant it. They made eye-contact and smiled. They made an effort to remember our names. The senior grades helped us with moves we found difficult.

And being part of a taekwondo community helped us enormously when we migrated to Australia.

Discover here why our taekwondo community is important to us.

family taekwondo- have fun training as a family

benefits of taekwondo family exercising,taekwondo benefits,taekwondo

Have you ever thought about exercising as a family?

We hadn't before. But now that we do we can't imagine life any other way.

We are lucky that our club runs some mixed classes where adults and children can train together.

It's funny that once we are training even though Leah is with us we are not Mum and Dad. Or husband and wife.

We are all just members of the class. Getting on with our taekwondo.

Enjoying the benefits of taekwondo together as a family.

We feel that it's a huge benefit to Leah that she sees family fitness as an ordinary routine thing. Part of normal life.

And we hope it sets good habits for her future

And when the going gets tough?

The tough get going!

And believe us the going will get tough.

So in case you were under any illusion we want you to know now

Taekwondo is not easy.

It's not meant to be easy

It's a constant challenge. And you can't enjoy the benefits of taekwondo without taking up this challenge.

And coming through the tough challenges of taekwondo makes you mentally stronger.

Mentally stronger to cope with the tough challenges that life brings.

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