Bassi - Learn Your Moo Do Kwan Taekwondo Patterns Here

In the video you see Chris Sy perform the pattern slowly first so you can learn the moves. And then at full speed so you can get an idea of the timing of each section.

Chris performs the form in the traditional Moo do Kwan style. This means the stances are long, and the arms are extended on blocks and strikes to keep an attacker at a distance.

The Chumbi is different from the usual taekwondo ready stance.

Step your feed together and then perform a slow, low knife hand strike remembering to chamber with a rotated arm.

Then continue to complete a slow wrist lock.

For the first move you fall into a supported back fist strike in X stance. It's important to commit to this move to make it strong.

When you reach the double scoop and punch section drop your stances low to the ground.

After the twin back elbow strike the moves are a defence against strike from a stool. First you block the stool then you break its legs before striking the side of the attacker's ribs.

One you reach the twin punch section remember to stay low as you execute the attack.

And don't forget the chumbi at the end is the same as the beginning.

You need to learn this pattern at around 2nd Kup stage (around red belt).

It's a tough pattern but we find it very exhilarating to perform. It's wonderful to study these traditional patterns alongside the modern taegeuk forms.

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