Bally TMA Northwest Crossing, Houston Tx

by David Fiscus
(Houston, Tx, USA)

Child Student daily checklist.

Child Student daily checklist.

I have written a number of articles on this wonderful website, to share with others my experience.

On several occasions I have mentioned our school, and the emphasis it places on the development of students, particularly in children.

There are a stack of papers on the table directly next to the entry door to the class. One of these is a checklist, for the kids to bring home. I am uploading a scanned picture. Feel free to copy or print it, if you feel it will be useful to your school.

Also here's a link to a video on youtube.

I am a student, and will not profit in any way. I merely thought I would share visually, what I have seen with my own eyes.

I have competed and participated as a volunteer assistant in 3 TMA tournaments. The message echoes from the Grandmaster down to the Masters...child development is always the number 1 priority.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. The school I belong to has many students with parents that don't have a lot of money. Though Bally TMA is the least expensive school in the Houston area, for many martial arts is a luxury they have trouble justifying spending money on. But through word of mouth in this area, parents have shared stories of the difference martial arts have made in their children and so their friends and neighbors have enrolled their kids, feeling the benefit outweighs the cost.

In some situations children react more positively from adult role models other than their parents. This seems especially true with martial arts masters. Maybe seeing the the incredible display of physical abilities these masters posses, is like seeing a genuine super hero in action.

Thanks, and as always, keep on kicking...

David Fiscus (high red belt TKD)

Deb's Reply

Hi David

Thanks as always for a great contribution. Bally sounds like a martial arts school that's doing everything right!

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