which is the right back stretch for you?

Do you suffer from grumbling lower back pain? Follow our back stretch routine each day and feel the difference!

And for us taekwondo players? It's important we take time to stretch out our backs. Loose lower back muscles allow us to turn our hips more freely when we kick.

And because we tend to be a bit hunched forwards when we train, stretching exercises to extend our spines help to keep us upright.

start with a standing back stretch

back stretch,stretching techniques
back stretch,stretching techniques

Stand up straight. Then imagine you are holding a large beach ball.

Push the 'ball' forwards and curve your spine backwards.

Hold for 10.

Repeat 3 times

You should feel a lovely stretch in the muscles either side of your spine.

OK now a stretch the other way.

Put your hands on your hips.

And push your pelvis forwards as far as you can.

As we mentioned earlier this kind of stretching technique is great for martial artists.

Hold for 10.

And repeat 3 times.

try a sitting stretching technique

back stretch,stretching techniques

Sit up as straight as you can with your legs straight out in front of you.

Now bend your left leg and bring it over your right leg.

Use your right arm as a brace on your left knee and turn your head and shoulders round to the left as far as you can.

Try to look behind you. Hold for 20. Do the other side. And repeat.

now lie down for a lovely, relaxing stretch

back stretch,stretching techniques

back stretch,stretching techniques

Try lying on you back. Lift your right knee up towards your chest.

Then take it over towards the floor on your left side.

Try to keep your right shoulder on the ground.

And try not to let your left foot drop to the floor.

Hold for 20.

Do the other side and Repeat.

How does that feel?

You back should be getting quite loose now!

here's a back stretch you can learn from your cat

back stretch,stretching techniques

back stretch,stretching techniques

Ever watched a cat stretch?

This is what they do!

From all fours engage your core muscles to pull your stomach in.

Now curve you spine up as far as you can towards the sky and hold for 10.

Keep your core tight.

Now curve your back the other way. And hold for 10.

Repeat as many times as you like.

This is also a great stretch and core strengthener for pregnant women.

extend your back again

back stretch,stretching techniques

back stretch,stretching techniques

Lie on your front with your hands by your shoulders.

Now push your shoulders up but keep your pelvis on the floor.

If you are used to stretching your neck you can arch your head back.

Hold for 10. And repeat.

Now keeping your hands where they are, bend your legs and stretch back as far as you can.

Hold. Breathe.

And relax.

You're done!

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