Back step Yop Chagi (Side Kick)

by Alexander
(South Africa Johannesburg )

To perform a back step yop chagi with your right leg you must first take a side stance (such as L stance or fighting stance). Your right foot is in front.

Then with your left leg step forwards just past your shoulder (the stepping leg must step behind your kicking leg).

Then, because you have stepped behind, your kicking leg has already been pulled back so all you have to do is raise it and kick outwards (remember to pivot the standing foot).

Deb's reply:

Thanks Alexander.

This kind of taekwondo side-kick is sometimes a bit easier for beginners to learn than the more traditional kick where you pivot through 180'.

It can be useful in breaking demos where you have a number of boards to break and you need to make up some distance.

As you point out it is vitally important to pivot on your bottom foot. There are 2 reasons for this.

Firstly if you don't your kick will lack power.

And secondly if you don't turn your foot your knee will try to turn and you could end up with a knee injury.

Thanks very much once again Alexander we really appreciate your input.

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