back kick

by Kanani Kapil

My favorite kick is back kick.

This is because it's fast and powerful.

It's good in defense when an opponent tries to hit you.

It's my best kick

Deb's Reply

Thanks Kanani

It's great to hear from taekwondo players from all over the world. I understand tkd is very popular in India.

I too like back kick. As you say it's a great counter attack to use against a turning kick. A great back kick on target can be a devastating strike.

I have a bad habit of shifting my back leg slightly behind me in anticipation of throwing the kick - and this telegraphs to my opponent what I am about to do and they attack another way. I'm working on not doing this.

I also like breaking with a backkick. Because the kick is so powerful a strike on target generally breaks the board quite easily.

Recently we've been working on our jump back kick. It's a lot of fun trying to get this technique right.

Thanks again Kanani for getting in touch.

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