Secrets of taekwondo back kick...
how to get your taekwondo kicks straight to the target

The tricky thing with taekwondo back kick is turning your body round while your leg goes straight back.

Often when you try this for the first time your leg tends to do a big wide arc!

On this page you'll find the basic technique for tkd back-kick so you can master that first.

There's also some fine details to help you perfect your kick.

And finally a great idea from Egypt which might change the way you think about taekwondo back-kick!

Have fun!

If you've just started taekwondo- here's one way to do taekwondo back kick

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Just so you know the Korean name for taekwondo back kick is Dwi Chagi.

First stand in fighting stance in front of your target.

Your back foot (the one furthest away from the target) is the one which kicks.

OK. Now keep you feet where they are but swivel 180' on your toes. You should now have your back to the target.

Now lift your kicking leg up by bending your knee in front of you.

Then push your heel out to send your foot to the target.

Then bring your leg back in by bending your knee before you put it the the ground.

Your foot should move in backwards in a straight line. It shouldn't go round in an arc to the target.

Got that? Here's help to perfect your taekwondo back-kick

back kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

'Rub your knees!'. All the instructors we've trained with say this.

So it's probably good advice!

What they mean is that as your kicking leg comes through your knees need to be close together.

This makes your kick come through straight and stops it coming round in an arc.

Try to keep your head and body up. Your head and body are heavy.

If you drop them down as you turn they will pull you off balance and your back kick will tend to become rounded rather than straight. It's better to do a lower kick in a straight line than to drop your body to do a higher kick with poor technique.

Bend your knee! Back kick is not a swing. Be sure your knee bends before the kick comes through.

Extend your kick out. Push your heel out as far as you can. Use your core strength to help.

That way you generate lots of power.

If you look at the photo of Leah you can see that she's created lots of power. Her hair has got left behind as her body has moved into the powerful kick.

Strike through the target with your heel. Striking with the heel makes back-kick a great technique for breaking. Your taekwondo back-kick is one of your most powerful weapons. A strong back kick on target in a taekwondo sparring match can mean game over for your opponent.

How it's done in Egypt - another way of looking at taekwondo back-kick.

back kick,taekwondo kicks,taekwondo

Our instructor Jason Smith came back from training in Egypt with a great method for getting your back-kick on target.

He was amazed to see that in Eygpt even the beginner taekwondo students had wonderful straight back-kicks.

Here's why...

They forget about the spin and concentrate on the foot.

Tkd instructors in Egypt tell beginners just to lift up their back heel to the target.

That's it. Just that. The kick is led by the back heel. And the body has to follow.

Try it when you have a minute.

Just take your back heel, brush it past your other calf, and push it to the target. Try to let your body follow your foot passively.

If you learned another method it takes a while to relax and let your foot lead. But we've found it's a great technique to add to your collection!

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