Austrian Taekwondo Federation

by Susanne

In Austria normally we use the following belt system:

10. Kup = yellow
9. Kup = yellow
8. Kup = green
7. Kup = green
6. Kup = blue
5. Kup = blue
4. Kup = brown
3. Kup = brown
2. Kup = red
1. Kup = red

In my club we use the belt system above and for the Kids the belt system below:
Fot the very little kids (starts taekwondo before they go to school) we use a stripe system for the white belt. There are 8 Stripes (yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, brown, red, black). After a few weeks the student gets the next stripe in a "tiny belt test". When he/she reached the black stripe, he/she is allowed to test for the first yellow belt (even when the kid isn't in school until this time).

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