Aung San Kwin Taekwondo Association

by Adrian Wang
(Yangon, Myanmar)

Hi there. My friend told me about this website a few days ago and I am totally in love with it. This website had helped me a lot. Well anyway here is our clubs's belt system:

Red plus black

I just graduated to a yellow belt last week and the thing I love most about taekwondo is everything. We made new friends and learn everything. At first I had problems with the WTF pattern 1( can spell in Korean. Taegeuk or something) but after asking our teacher everything went fine.

Well, I love taekwondo and the dojang and I am happy I graduated to yellow belt ( I am 13 years old, and I think the friend who told me about this posted here too, but he told me he used my email address for the notification)

Linda's reply
Congratulations Adrian & welcome to the wonderful world of Taekwondo! Its a life long journey that will enhance your life like no other. Well done on graduation to yellow belt. Being a white belt and turning up for your first grading is a sign of courage - you should be proud. Keep us posted and I'm glad you like our website.

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