ASA, Peongteak, South Korea

by J Lopez
(South Korea)

White: Lost

Yellow: Basic Stances, Punches, Kicks Il-Jang

Blue: Intermediate Kicks/Punches/Blocks, Half leg split (-4 in off ground), EE-Jang, Sam-Jang

Brown: Advanced Kicks/Punches/Blocks, Full Leg Split, Oh-Jang/Yuk-Jang

Red: Integrate Yoga in our daily lives, Get a beating by 6Dan, Chil-Jang

Black: Get a beating by 6Dan, Pal-Jang

(Few will be chosen to perform Pal-Jang and spar at TKD HQ in Seoul)

Linda's reply
Thanks for sharing.

Very interesting and different from the Western interpretation. I like that Yoga is part of your practice as a red belt. What a great compliment to your art.

I hope to hear from you again as you are in the birthplace of TKD!

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