Andres Martial Arts School

by Zachary Lane
(Burbank, CA, USA)

Martial Arts Grandmaster Vincent Rodericks

Martial Arts Grandmaster Vincent Rodericks

Hello my name is Zack.

I'm a brown belt. (This is close to red belt if your best system differs.) I train at Andres Martial Arts.

Our Master Grandmaster Vincent Rodericks is why our school is so great! I hear from a lot of other martial arts schools that their Master is maybe there once or twice every other week.

Our Master is always there to help and teach. He's always smiling (even during testing haha) and making jokes. He treats everyone like they are his friends and children.

Our school's a little different in that I'm pretty sure we can be a little more laid back then other schools but we always bring back gold from tournaments (especially in forms).

Without my school and taekwondo I wouldn't be who I am 2day. I started when I was 15 or 16. I had really low self esteem and self confidence, got picked on a lot.

Well that doesn't happen anymore and I have tons of confidence. :-)

Deb's response:

Thanks so much Zack for telling us about your taekwondo school. It sounds like a brilliant place to train!

It's so good to hear about martial art schools where the Masters and students clearly enjoy their training together.

Your review is clearly written from the heart which is wonderful. You are obviously very passionate about your training and I think your story will inspire others.

Thanks again and let us know how your training progresses.

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