An entertainment or martial arts?

by Marcus
(stuttgart arkansas)

I believe that the officials coming up with new rules to keep people entertained, is exactly what is making it a sport.

I see nothing wrong with improvements to the system. When improvements are made for the reason for entertainment, I can't see how it would make taekwondo better.

I love taekwondo and I love this site it has been very informative.

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Hey Marcus

Thanks for your comments and really glad you are enjoying our website

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Sep 02, 2010
take the bad and rip the good
by: Tiago

Hi Marcus.

I think you are right when you say that improvements are wrong when they are just for the sake of entertainment.

Unfortunately that is everywhere these days, for instance look at Olympic Judo. It's a sport, clear and simple. Olympic Taekwondo started as an exhibition sport in the summer Olympics Seoul 1988 and then became an actual competitive sport.

We must face it as a part of the "Do" of the art itself. But only a part of a greater/bigger picture. For instance in competitive Poomsae, WTF officials spend the whole year coming up with new rules and ways of performing them. It can be an improvement for them, but more traditional masters feel dishonored by this. So we really must take the bad and rip the good.

There will always be people trying to make things more entertaining or profitable, but for us who practice with bodies, hearts and souls, Taekwondo is a way of life, in and out of the Dojang, stadium, etc... and your Do may be different than mine, but its ok because it is your own way, and it depends only of you.

Therefore I believe that changes may be made here and there by some council of wise men, but our Do transcends games. We must hold onto it and we will keep Taekwondo as a MARTIAL ART, not just a sport. Stay strong.

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