Afro-Brazillian art form Capoeira

by Nahtazu
(Orlando,Fl, Orange United States)

I have trained for 4 years in the Afro-Brazilian art form of Capoeira that blends a game with music, martial arts, and dance all at once. It is a striking art that is mainly kicks but includes (later on in training) throws, joint locks, hand/elbow/knee strikes, headbutts,sweeps as well as acrobatics. It's great for fitness and one hell of a culture shock; plus my teacher also stresses the martial aspects/self defense application of the art(some schools find the acrobatic part more attractive but still train in the martial aspect).

Every major city has a Capoeira Academy in it. At first it's a little tough since it takes ALOT of cardio, something you develop over time (its a different brand of me) and to learn the concept of playing (flowing around a hit and countering instead of blocking, making it seem fluid) and not sparring (in Capoeira, we play a game not spar). Some games you use more acrobatics and others ask for a fight while others go beyond both realms...depends on the music) in the roda (training circle).

It is a great adventure and I hope to not stop training. As a famous Master once said "Capoeira is for everyone, only those who wish not to learn won't".

Linda's reply:

Thank you Nahtazu for sharing your Capoeira story. Its a beautiful practice to watch and now I have a much better understanding of what it involves. I love your picture too. Good luck and keep us posted on your training!

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