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by barrett hall
(usa, bluesprings, mo )

First it starts out at white belt each test is easy for the white belt buts get harder as you go in belts.

Next is the yellow belt only yellow no stripes.

After that the orange belt. Around the orange belt is when the person starts to get more into the tae kwon do.

Then its the green belt. This time is when the person is in the intermediate spot of the belts.

Next it's the purple,yet another intermediate belt. Around this time the person will start learning much more harder kicks. basic tae kwon do things are out of the way.

Then you guessed it's the blue belt. By this time the person is becoming more skilled but not yet fully ready to do a lot. Also around this time is when the person will learn flying kicks and what not.

Then it's the brown belt. Now the person is very good at a lot of the tricks in martial arts but not yet ready to get his/her black belt.

Then after that is the red belt. this is the starting of the advanced belts.

The belt means danger now the person is very skilled. He can really do some damage to a board or a person in his defense.

Next it's the black tip belt - that's red with a thin black line going through it.

Then after that the red black belt. A belt that's half black half red. the person has learned mostly everything there is in tae kwon do and after time is ready for there black belt

Next is the most well know belt of all the black belt!
This means the person knows everything and has matured a lot. sometimes after that the person will say goodbye and go on to learn what ever else to get more degrees in black belts.

Deb's reply

Thanks for such a detailed summary of the taekwondo belts.

I wonder if black belts really do know everything? Can anyone know everything about anything?

Any comments anyone?

Thanks again


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May 01, 2011
black belt
by: Brandon

I agree with the person that said he is taught that becoming a black belt is the beginning. In our school once you reach a black belt you have learned the basics, there are no experts only students and no matter what dan you are there is always more to learn and improve on.

Jan 14, 2011
Things to say.
by: action martial art's academy writer

im the person who wrote this summary of the belts. good luck to the person who is testing for their black belt in 2012. i my self most likely will be doing that as well. i just received my green belt around December in 2010. it was an honor to receive my green belt. black belt may mean the beginning and not the end. i can see how that may be true. after your black belt there's like 10 more belts or degree's in black. thanks for posting everyone. sincerely -action martial arts (writer)

Jul 15, 2010
keep it up
by: Anonymous

At our school, we are taught that the black belt is not the end, but the beginning...I myself should be testing for black belt in April of 2012.

Jul 15, 2010
The basics
by: Tiago

Thanks for posting the belt hierarchy. In my academy belts are somewhat different. Nonetheless I think when someone reaches black belt that person doesn't know everything. Also I do believe that it is wrong to rule out basic stuff for higher grades. Once a 7th dan Korean master came to my country for a two day seminar. There were a few hundred people who turned up for it, mostly black belts. In the morning all they did was punching in the horse riding position (Jireugui in Juchun Seogi). In the afternoon most people felt outraged because of it and left, my instructor who was still as student back then decided to stay as well. After an afternoon of (I think it was momtong makki) medium defense, everyone and the korean master as well when to dinner. Then the master told them that most westerners don't really grasp the idea of martial arts training. How can they wish for complicated stuff if they feel that they are too knowledgeable to train the basics? That is why I think that no one really knows everything, especially about a traditional martial art (I'm ruling out the WTF predominance here). Also, I leave this simple thought that my instructor told me: reaching the black belt isn't the end of the journey but just the beginning, because when you trully earn it, it is when you realize that you don't know anything yet.

Peace be within your warrior soul, and train hard.

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