Is Aaron Cook the next taekwondo sparring legend?

Aaron Cook is great taekwondo sparring talent.

When we went to the Beijing Olympic qualifiers in Manchester everyone was saying Aaron was the one to watch.

And they weren't wrong!

The video above shows Aaron knocking out taekwondo legend Stephen Lopez in November 2009.

Obviously the shots would not have counted were it not a knock out, because Aaron was falling as he kicked.

For us the best part is the respect that Cook shows to Steven Lopez afterwards.

Here's Aaron talking about how important tkd is in his life.

Aaron Cook,taekwondo sparrring

Aaron Arthur Cook was born 2 January, 1991. He fights for the British taekwondo team.

Aaron is originally from Dorset but he now lives in Manchester UK with his family. There is a full-time training facility for taekwondo athletes in Manchester.

Clearly they are doing something right!

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