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I meet Rachel Innes because our children play together. We have coffee. The usual second or third question comes up.

'What do you do Rachel?'

'I teach taekwondo'

'Really? That sounds interesting.' I say politely. Secretly I have no idea what taekwondo is. Visions of tai chi float around my head.

'Would Leah like to train? Our new class starts on Tuesdays'

I hear myself saying yes. I have no idea what's coming!

Kids love training at VO's2

VOs2,martial art schools,taekwondo

Rachel starts younger kids gently with just one class each week. She is patient, nurturing and kind. And the kids love her.

They learn through fun. And while they have fun their fitness, balance, co-ordination and concentration improve.

Rachel also emphasizes the philosophy of marital arts. Kids learn the important of being polite and well behaved. They learn to control themselves. And they learn the power of perseverance.

We can't resist trying taekwondo

We watch for 6 months. Leah is clearly loving her taekwondo.

We're still heading for the gym but taekwondo looks way more fun. In the end we can't resist it. We take the plunge. And straight away we are hooked.

Once again Rachel is incredibly patient. We are unfit, inflexible and badly coordinated. Rachel doesn't seem to care.

She shows us over and over until we get it. She encourages us to keep trying. And she quickly pushes us way past what we thought we could achieve.

All we have to do is turn up for training. And do our best!

We find great opportunities at VOs2

Rachel is constantly working to improve her own taekwondo. Her club. And her students.

She regularly arranges for specialist instructors to visit VO's2 and help with training. We enjoy fantastic wtf fight training with master Chris Sawyerr. And wonderful, detailed poomse instruction from master Stephane Roth.

Rachel encourages us to have a go at sparring and poomse competitions. We find it's a great way to test ourselves and learn more about taekwondo.

A great family club

VOs2,martial art schools,taekwondo

We make some great friends at VOs2. Through training hard with our team mates, strong bonds form. And as we help our friends and as they help us, we all grow as martial artists.

Outside of training we enjoy barbeques, camps and beach parties together.

We miss our friends at VOs2. We can't wait to kick with them again next time we head to the UK.

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