4th Tenant of Taekwondo: Self Control

by Barrett

Hello everyone.

I recently found this site and read some peoples' stories. I never thought that anyone besides myself took the martial arts so seriously and with such perseverance.

I started practice when I was 16 and it's been roughly a year since I began; I'm 17 now. So now I thought I should share my experience.

I joined Taekwondo because I had, and to a great extent still have, a very bad temper. It's not a thing, maybe, to be publicized, but it would be useless to deny that this was the real reason I started practicing the Art.

I had been learning and studying different martial arts and fighting styles for a number of years, including boxing/kickboxing, muay thai, wing chun kung fu, and a self-defense style called guided chaos.

As you may imagine, it did not help my temper; it practically made it worse! ....Well, I was at a loss, and so was Dad and Mom. Until a family friend whom I will not name, but will always remember, suggested that I attempt to practice Taekwondo.

I had heard of Taekwondo before since my instructor, Master Jason Harpe, was a personal friend of mine. My tuition was paid and I began.

I was skeptical of the results while I was a white belt......but then, I tested. Looking back on that test I can say, even now, that was a pivotal moment in my life.

EVERYTHING made sense: the principles, the training, the efforts I was expected to make, everything. None of the other fighting styles I had learned and applied will ever compare to Taekwondo.

The Art has done more for me than I ever thought possible at this point in my life. I have been to a tournament with nearly a thousand competitors, and believe you me, THAT tested my mettle!

It was a multiple event tourney and I brought home 3 gold medals, two of which were won against a 31 year old black belt woman, 2nd Dan!

I could't believe it! And that wasn't even my Olympic sparring match yet! Needless to say, that made a name for me in the regional tournaments, and I had the judges and the other masters congratulating me and Master Harpe for an excellent performance.

I consider Taekwondo one of the human race's most profoundly touching disciplines and I have come far toward personal perfection and self-control.

I am a Taekwondo warrior! I will prevail!

Linda's reply

Great story Barrett!

The most important part of the practice is the "do" which is what it sounds like you found in Taekwon"do". "They Way" is what makes you stronger not so much the physical training you get as in your kickboxing which you know now.

Best of luck on your continued journey.

Jung Shin Tong Il!

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