3 Months Before Competition

Hi guys!:),

1st step

We do this for about 2-3 months 6-7 times a week
I wake up around 5 am every day, so this workout 5-7 am b/c i have skool at 8 am

1)warm up 10 min

2)stretch 10 min

3)25-50 slow-moderate push ups, 2 sets, 1 min break between each set

4)rest 2 min.

5)10 chin-ups, 30 tricep dips,10 pull-ups,30 tricep dips(10 sec rest between each)

6)100 squats w/ 15 pound weight on the back, go down as low as you can go
2 sets,1 min rest between each

7)rest 2 min

8)100 toe raises, w/ 15 pound on back, slowly to quickly(slowly gives a burn)
you do 50 EACH LEG.

9)rest 1 min.

10)Slow one-legged squats, with 20-30 pounds on back, 10 each leg\

11)rest 2 min

12)50 jump squats, with knees tuck at top and 15 pounds on back, 2 sets, 30 sec rest each set

13)rest and stretch and meditate for 10 minutes(you can use bathroom during this time)

14)Mon./Wed./Fri.-Sprinting and weight lifting-sprinting is 100 meters, for 4 sets, 3 min rest between each set, weight lifting is 8 exercises, half is for legs the other half is for upper body, each should have 2 sets and each 8-12 sets,75-85% of max rep.

15)Tue./Thurs./Sat.-Jogging and plyometrics- jog for about 30-60 min,(every 10 min do 1 Min shadow boxing at max speed), plyometrics-clapping push ups-10 reps, 3 sets, 2-3 min rest each set,side throws with medicine ball-10 reps, 3 sets,2-3 min rest each set,high jumps-10 reps, 3 sets, 2-3 min rest each set,lateral box hops-10 reps, 3 sets, 2-3 min rest each set.

16)tht should take 2 hrs.

17)then the afternoon training, i usually go to tkd class in the afternoon, if i don't i would take 1 hr of techniques practice and pad hitting

Good luck !!!! YEAH eat some carbs after this workout.

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