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...Does taekwondo make you jump for joy?

We love it!

It's our passion!

And through this site we share our passion with you.

Who are we?

We are a tae kwon do family.

And if you are just starting your martial arts journey...

... we know how it feels! Because we are walking the same path as you.

We have trained in UK, Australia and Korea.

And through this site we pass on to you what we've learned since we first stepped onto the mats in 2004...

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Want to Pay Your Knowledge Forward?

We love the martial way of passing on what you know. After all it's how our ancient martial arts stay alive.

Traditionally you pass on your knowledge in the Dojang. And now through this site you can also help people all over the globe.

We are constantly amazed by your generosity. You give so much great information and by doing so you help and inspire fellow students to keep kicking.

If you would like to join the growing taekwondo-information.org community we'd love to hear from you.

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Photo of the Month


Gorgan from Romania sent in this cool photo.

He's kicking at the top of the highest mountain in his area!

Great sky color - love it!

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Tell us about...

The great martial arts school you train in. Or the taekwondo belt colors at your club? Or the martial art experts who inspire and help you.

Do you have a favorite tkd photo? Is there a the story behind it.

Do you have a sparring video that will inspire others? Or would you like to make some comments about Olympic sparring?

Can you recommend martial art book or DVD or brand of tkd shoes?

Tell us the story of your martial arts journey. What do you think defines a good tkd black belt?

What are your best fitness training exercises. Could you inspire someone with your family fitness lifestyle?

Could you help someone with choosing a martial art?

We'd love to hear from you - and future visitors will thank you too!

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He's some common spelling variations for TKD - you might have found us this way.

taegwondo, tiquando, tie kwon do, taekwondoe, teakwondo, taekwando, tiekwondo, taekwon-do, taikwondo, tae won do, taekowndo, taekwando, takewondo, tea kwon do, tai kwon do, ty kwon do, ty kwon doe, tykwondo, tae kwando.

However you found us it's all good - it's great to have you here!

New Website

For those of you who go onto this site often, you will notice we have this new layout.

Our new staff are black belts and also knowledgable in web design and aim to update the site more and give you, our users the best experience possible!

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